York Futures Scholarships

Tomorrow's graduates will be entering the most competitive job market in years. Help them out today with a gift.

Economies all over the world are facing significant strain and this year's graduates are likely to face tougher competition than ever.

That's why York students need people like you to support the York Futures Scholarship with a gift.

The York Futures Scholarship aims to provide everyone with the tools that they need to thrive after leaving York. With tiered awards of either £250, £1,000, £3,000 or £6,000, the York Futures Scholarship can support more students at the level that they need to be helped. And with two disbursement rounds each year, the York Futures Scholarship is uniquely placed to provide York students with the right amount of help at the right time.

A donation today will help students who may not have extra support from their families to focus some time on career-enhancing activities like work experience, internships, conferences and training without needing to worry about sacrificing hours of paid part-time employment. The thought of spending time on these activities while studying can seem to many students like an unbearable financial burden, and the Scholarship helps to level the playing field by giving them a head start in the competitive graduate job market.

100% of your support will go directly to students like Kimberley.

“I was really happy because I would not have been able to do a Year in Industry without the scholarship. It has increased my employability by providing me with vital experience before I even graduate. I learnt specialised skills used in the industry that I would not have the opportunity to do as part of my course. I also think it has made me a stronger scientist, with better data analysis and experimental design skills.

Thank you so much, I can't explain how genuinely happy and excited I am to have had this opportunity. Your donation is really, really appreciated.

    - Kimberley Holmes, BSc Biology (with a year in industry)

With your support students like Kimberley will have the chance of a brighter future through education. Thank you for being part of our campaign and helping our students to shine.

While Kimberley's story ends well, we need to make sure that every graduate entering this challenging graduate market is able to stand out to future employers. Please help them do so by supporting the York Futures Scholarship with a regular gift or one-off donation.

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