Friends of the Library and Archives

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What is Friends of the Library and Archives?

The Friends and the Library and Archives Fund offers support to the Library, enabling the Library to purchase prominent archival and rare book collections, and fund student internships that help the Library to undertake a range of activities that support their core work and make the collections accessible.

“The availability of a fund with which we can develop significant funding cases is critical to developing our collections and having an internationally renowned research centre. Facilitating archive purchases is a great way to develop a lasting legacy from your funding, as we commit to keeping collections in perpetuity for the use and enjoyment of researchers of all kinds.” - Kirsty Lingstadt, Director of Library, Archives and Learning Services

How is the Friends of the Library and Archives Fund making a difference?

Friends of the Library and Archives funding has been instrumental in the Library’s recent success in acquiring world-class research collections. Though every university has a library, none have one with the breadth and quality of archives and rare book collections that York does, and this has only been made possible with support from Friends of the Library and Archives. This funding also enables us to support making these collections accessible to wider audiences through the activity of student internships.

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Become a Friend of the Library and Archives to help acquire and open up world-leading research collections and provide students with valuable work experience that can set them up for their future career.

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