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Together we can open the door to a brighter future for less advantaged students at York.

Today, the increased cost of living is causing more students to make tough decisions at the expense of their education. Students who have hopes of studying at York are concerned about their ability to afford the rise in rent and energy bills, and those who are currently studying here are feeling the pressure to drop out.

For students from less advantaged backgrounds, university life is incredibly tough right now. For those who are estranged from their families or have experience of care, there is no one to turn to for support when they cannot afford the rent or find a part-time job.

It has been reported that 60 percent of students across the UK are underperforming in their studies because they have had to take on extra work to support themselves.

With a one-off gift or regular donation, you can help to level the playing field for underrepresented groups; those from a low-income household, but also those with a disability, students who are care-experienced as well as those from an ethnic minority background.

The York Opportunity Scholarship exists to champion access to university for people from less advantaged backgrounds.

Since the University of York’s foundation 60 years ago, we have been proud to champion access to university for students who would otherwise get left behind. The York Opportunity Scholarship exists to help people who have overcome all the odds to study at York, but whose personal circumstances make it very challenging to succeed whilst they are here.

The Scholarship provides £1,100 per year for three years of an undergraduate degree to students who are struggling right now. It is thanks to the generosity of donors that we have been able to offer the Scholarship to more students year on year.

“I spent most of my first year in lockdown. This year, in my third year, I have been able to see the cost of living crisis first hand. Being a recipient of the York Opportunity Scholarship relieves financial stress on both myself and my low-income single parent. Due to being disabled, I would not be able to work whilst studying at York, so having the Scholarship means I am able to focus on both my work and health without compromising either.”

- Abbie, 3rd year, BSc ChemistryYork Opportunity Scholar

The York Opportunity Scholarship is more transformational for a less advantaged student than a degree alone. Will you consider making a one-off or regular donation of £30, £60, £90, or £120 today?

You can play a really important role in enhancing the support we can offer for students facing obstacles to their education. A donation to the York Opportunity Scholarship could enable a student from a less advantaged background to access the same opportunity of education as their peers.

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